Clinical User Guide
Quantities (Modifying)

To Modify the Quantity of a Prescribed Medication:

1.      From within the Clinical Window select the Current Rx tab.


2.      Locate the prescription you wish to modify and either:

o      Double-click the current value in the Qty column, or

o      Select and right-click the medication you wish to modify, and select Change Quantity from the menu that appears.


3.      The Drug Quantity & Repeats window appears.

Drug Quantity and Repeats window
This prompt will differ slightly, depending on whether you are prescribing a limited or regular medication.


4.      Make the necessary modifications and then click OK to continue.

5.      (Options)

o      If you are prescribing a PBS/RPBS Restricted Benefit medication, you will be prompted accordingly. See PBS/RPBS Restricted Benefit Medications for further information.

o      If you are prescribing a medication that requires an Authority Approval Number, you will be prompted accordingly. See Authority Items for further information.