Printing Lists of Previous Results


This procedure will print a list of all records displayed in the Actioned Items window that have not yet been marked as Notified. Note that records only appear here if they have first been actioned, either via the patient's record, the Holding File or the Scan/Import Correspondence window.


1.      From the Clinical front screen select Correspondence > Actioned Items  to open the Actioned Items window.


2.      Select the results you wish to print, by using the CTRL or SHIFT key (in standard Windows fashion). Alternatively, you can select all items simultaneously by clicking the Select All link.

3.      Click Print List.

4.      The printout includes the patient's name, record number, address, phone number, test name and practitioner's name. These lists can be used to contact patients to inform them of their results, or to recall them. Only patients who have not already been marked as notified are included in the list.

5.      To print practitioner's comments on the list, select the 'Print Comment on List' check box on the Investigation Options window.