Physical Activity


The Physical Activity module assists in selecting the most appropriate form of exercise to meet the patient's lifestyle and health requirements, and then storing and graphing their exercise progress.

From the patient's Clinical Window, select Assessment > Physical Activity , or click on the toolbar.

There is also a Physical Activity Module prompt which will appear on opening a patient's record when the following criteria are met;

o       The Physical Activity Prompt is enabled in Prompt Options.

o       The patient's age >= 18

o       The prompt has not been disabled for that particular patient (you have the option to disable future prompts when the prompt first appears).

o       The patient has not been assessed within the last 12 months.

o       The patient has diabetes, not including pre-diabetes, borderline diabetes, or non-active gestational diabetes.


The Physical Activity window.

From this window you can:

o       View a summary of Activity Assessments. This section is used to summarise the previous activity assessments undertaken by this patient.

o       View a detailed list of Activity Prescriptions. This section is used to display detailed information on previous activity assessments undertaken by this patient.

o       Conduct a Physical Activity Assessment.

o       Prescribe a Physical Activity program.

o       View a graph of Physical Activity ratings. By clicking you can view a graph of previous Physical Activity Assessment ratings.