PKI Options




The location of the Medicare Australia Online Patient Claiming digital certificate.


The password used for accessing this certificate.

IHI and My Health Record Certificates

Allows you to import your Signing and Encryption certificates, and My Health Record certificates  for use with Healthcare Identifiers Service and My Health Record. Double-click a certificate to view its details.

It is important to note that regardless of whether you already have a PKI Certificate installed (with location and password already registered in Clinical), in order to make use of IHI Search  functionality you must additionally import the Medicare Signing and Encryption Certificates via the buttons provided on this window.

IHI Search Configuration

Indicate whether, when accessing the My Health Record system, a check should be made to validate the patient's IHI number, if it has not been checked within 'X' hours. If the system determines that the patient's IHI in Clinical is not up-to-date it will be updated automatically. Note that a value of 0 will disable automatic checking, after which a manual check can be made via the patient's record.



Importing Certificates

This facility allows you to import HI Signing and Encryption Certificates, and My Health Record Certificates.

1.      Click the button to call the associated import window, as shown below.


2.      Indicate the type of Certificate you wish to import.

3.      Click the button to browse to, and select your Certificate.

4.      Enter the Certificate's password.

5.      Click the button.