Oscar 2 Using AccuWin Pro


Performing a Test in Clinical

1.      Select Tools > Tool Box > Blood Pressure from the patient's Clinical window. The Blood Pressure tab appears.


2.      Click to use the Oscar 2 Using AccuWin Pro Software to record values.

The Available BP Monitor Machines window is displayed if more than one device is installed. Select the device you wish to use from this window.



3.      Click on the Upload button located within the device's software.

4.      Cut and paste the patient name and patient ID from the Insert Details window into the Oscar2 Upload Parameters window.

5.      Click

6.      Once the patient's name and ID have been uploaded, perform the test by pressing the Start button on the device.

7.      Once the test is complete, click the Download button located within the device's software.

8.      Once the results have been downloaded, close the device's software.

9.      Close the Test Instructions window. The test data should then be imported into the Blood Pressure tab in Clinical.


Device Support

Medevco (The Australian Medical Device Company)

Level 3
220 St Georges Terrace
Perth, 6000 WA

1300 550 310

08 9480 1199