Opening Multiple Patient Records


1.      With the first patient's record open, select Patient > Open Another, or press Alt+F2. The Select Patient from List window appears.


2.      Locate the patient record you wish to open by either:

o       Searching by Patient Name, or

o       Searching by Chart/Record Number


3.      (Optional) To display patients who have been marked as inactive, tick the Include Inactive Patients check box. Inactive patients are displayed in red.

4.      To locate and open the patient record, either:

o       Search for a patient by Patient Name, or

o       Search for a patient by Chart/Record Number



o       To switch between multiple open patient records, select the Window menu, and then a patient record from the list available.

o       Once you have finished working with a record, you can close it in the normal manner.

o       If other records are still open, you are returned to the record accessed last. If there are no other patients open, you are returned to the MedicalDirector Clinical main screen.