Old Scripts


To maintain old scripts select the Old Scripts tab in the patient's Clinical Window. This list shows all medications that have been prescribed for the current patient.

A medication is deemed 'prescribed' when it is sent to your printer for printing, even if the printing fails due to printer problems, for example.


o       Each line shows the full details of how and when a medication was prescribed.

o       To view details of a script, either highlight an entry and click  or double-click the item.

o       To re-prescribe a medication, highlight an entry click

o       Print this list by right-clicking any item in the list and selecting Print List from the menu that appears.

o       To remove a medication from the list highlight the entry and press the Delete key or click on the tool bar. If you are prompted for a 'reason for deletion', enter the details (for example, 'Printer malfunction') and click


Deleted scripts are not removed from the database, just hidden from the Old Scripts list. They can be revealed by ticking the Show Deleted Scripts check box.