Notes Tab



Items of Interest on this window

Referral Section

Record notes here about your patient's referring practitioner. The list of referring practitioners is generated from your Address Book.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields are used as criteria when conducting patient searches, with both the field titles and text sections being editable. Text length for custom field 1 is limited to 20 characters, with fields 2 and 3 limited to 10 characters each. The Letter Writer also provides references to the custom fields for inclusion in templates and documents.

Update Address for All Family Members

Update the address details for other family members, with the details of the current patient. Medical Director uses the Head of Family setting to determine which patients are members of the same family. This option is only available when editing Patient Details from the Clinical Window.

Auto-Capitalise Names

Tick the Auto-Capitalise Names check box to automatically capitalise the first letter of each word you type. There are numerous windows throughout Medical Director that offer this functionality, including the various Options tabs.