National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC)


The National Inpatient Medication Chart (NIMC) wizard is accessed via the Summaries menu from within a patient's Clinical Window.


o       By default, a chart is limited to 8 regular and 7 p.r.n. items. If you select more than 8 regular items and/or more than 7 p.r.n. items on the medications screen, an additional chart will be generated to accommodate for this. The VTE prophylaxis or Warfarin sections of the NIMC must be manually completed if required. If the patient is currently taking Warfarin, it will be listed within the regular medications section of the chart.

o       Where a patient has more than 5 allergies, the ADR section of the printed drug sheet indicates this, and an additional page listing the allergies is printed.

o       The NIMC can be printed in duplex-mode, if your printer supports it.

o       Colour printing is recommended, as the document has contrasting red as a safety device to highlight:

         Allergies and ADR information

         Medicines taken prior to presentation (to distinguish from current medications)

         Dedicated medicines boxes (for variable dose medication and warfarin)

         Warfarin education box


1.      Select Summaries > National Inpatient Medication Chart. The National Inpatient Medication Chart wizard commences.

o       Indicate here how many allergies you wish to appear on the printed chart. By default, a chart supports up to 5 allergies. If you elect to print more than 5, they will all be printed on a fifth (last) page.

o       If the patient does not have any allergies recorded, this window will not appear.


2.      Click to continue. The Medications screen appears.

o       Indicate the medications you wish to appear on the printed Medication Chart.

o       Indicate whether each medication is a regular medication or to be administered as required (P.R.N.), by clicking within the corresponding cell.

o       Indicate the date on which the Medication Chart becomes active.


3.      Click to continue. The National Inpatient Medication Chart is generated.

o       Each page of the Medication Chart can be accessed via the navigation buttons at the top of the window.

o       Each set of a multi-set of charts can be accessed via the associated drop-down list.

o       The Sex check boxes will not be pre-selected for patients whose gender has been recorded as anything other than 'Male' or 'Female'.


4.      Print the current page or all pages of the Medication Chart by clicking the associated button. Closing this window will return you to the patient's Clinical Window.