Moving the Cursor


The cursor (or insert point) is the blinking, vertical barthat appears when and where you click within the body of a letter. When you type, text is inserted at the cursor from the keyboard. This should not be confused with the mouse pointer which changes shape as it is moved about the window.

For most users, the easiest way to move the cursor within a document is to use the mouse. This can be done by using the scroll bar to scroll up or down to the desired section and then moving the cursor by clicking at the desired position.

The cursor can also be moved using the keyboard. The following table lists the keys that can be used to move the cursor.


To Move the Cursor


One character to the left

Left Arrow

One character to the right

Right Arrow

One line up

Up Arrow

One line down

Down Arrow

One word to the left

CTRL+Left Arrow

One word to the right

CTRL+Right Arrow

To the beginning of a line


To the end of a line


Up one window

Page Up

Down one window

Page Down

To the end of the letter