Mini Mental State Examination


Use this tool to assess the probability of cognitive impairment based on the results of a set of structured questions. The results of the questionnaire are recorded in the patient's Progress Notes and a score is saved to the patient's record allowing the information to be graphed over time.

1.      From within the Clinical Window, select Assessment > Mini Mental State Examination. The first screen of the Mini Mental State Examination appears.


2.      Complete the questionnaire based on the patient's responses. There are 11 steps, with each requiring the patient to perform a task or answer a question. Click and to move through the questionnaire.

o       To view a graph of results over time, click


3.      When all pages have been completed, click  A score is recorded and an indication of the probability of depression is given.

The Mini Mental State Examination is also available by clicking the MMSE button from the Social/Other History page of the Health Assessment module.