Medication Review


By performing a Medication Review you can record problems identified with each medication the patient is currently prescribed, and make recommendations to deal with those issues. You can print a report of your findings and recommendations, and record the recommendations into the patient's Progress Notes.

During the review, a check list is presented for each current medication, along with information that includes warnings about potential problems, and product information.


1.      From within the Clinical Window, select Assessment > Medication Review. The Medication Review window appears.

This window lists the patient's current medications and information on potential problems

o       Click at any time to call a list of past reviews. Past reviews can not be edited.



2.      Click to display the first medication on the list.

Select the appropriate check boxes and record notes as necessary.

o       Click to display Product Information about the current medication.

o       Click to open the Independent Drug Monograph browser.

o       Click to re-evaluate the reason for prescription.



3.      Click to proceed to the next medication until all medications have been reviewed.

4.      Upon completing all reviews, a report is displayed.

o       Click to save a copy of the report to the database.

o       Select the Add Recommendations to Patient's Notes? check box to save a copy of the report to the patient's Progress Notes.

o       To view previous Medication reviews, click