Medicare Benefits Schedule


The Medicare Benefits Schedule window allows a Medicare Item Number to be associated with a visit.


To add Medicare Item Numbers to a Patient's Progress Notes:

1.      Select the Progress tab in the patient's clinical record.


2.      Click  The Medicare Benefits Schedule window appears.

To locate a particular Item Number, either:

o       Enter the Item Number into the Go to Item No: text box,

o       Manually scroll through the list of items, or

o       Enter a keyword into the field provided at the upper-right of the window and then click  Repeated clicking of this button jumps to the next item containing the search text.

The full text description of an item can be revealed by selecting an item from the list.


3.      Select an item and click or double-click an item in the list.

4.      Click to save the items to the patient's record (including progress notes).

This information can optionally be fed back to the MedicalDirector Pracsoft Consultation Viewer or a third-party billing package using Clinical's VISITS.OUT file. There is also provision for the entry of Notes/Comments on this window. Notes entered here are also saved to the VISITS.OUT file.