Managing Widgets



Add/Remove Widgets - The Widget Palette

The Add/Remove Widgets – Widget Palette is your library of widgets. It is accessed by either;

o       Selecting Sidebar > Add/Remove Widgets.

o       Clicking   on the Sidebar, and then selecting Add/Remove Widgets.


Widgets are displayed in alphabetical order. Keyboard controls are available; you can either click the widgets or use the arrow keys on the keyboard. When the number of installed widgets exceeds the page limit (8 per page, max.), the Next Page / Previous Page buttons are available to navigate through the pages. Alternatively the Page Up/Page Down keyboard buttons will navigate back and forth. When a widget is selected, its name and a brief description appear at the bottom of the window.




Navigate through multiple pages of widgets.

Search for widgets. As soon as you start typing the widget Name or Keyword, the window is filtered to match the criteria entered. Clearing this field returns all widgets to the window.

Add this widget to the MedicalDirector Sidebar. A selected widget can also be added/removed by pressing the Spacebar, Enter key, or double-clicking it. When a widget is added to the MedicalDirector Sidebar it is placed beneath any existing widgets.

Remove this widget from the MedicalDirector Sidebar. A selected widget can also be added/removed by pressing the spacebar, Enter key, or by double-clicking it. Removing a widget from the MedicalDirector Sidebar does not uninstall it. See Uninstalling Widgets for more information.

An update for this widget is available to download from the Widget Store. Right-click the widget and select 'Download update' from the menu. This requires an active Internet connection.



Uninstalling Widgets

Note that there is a difference between uninstalling a widget and simply removing it from the MedicalDirector Sidebar; by uninstalling a widget it is removed from your computer.

1.      Click  and then select Add/Remove Widgets. The Widget Palette appears.

2.      Locate and right-click the widget you wish to uninstall.


3.      Select Uninstall from the menu that appears. You will be prompted to confirm this. The widget will be removed from the Widget Palette and your computer.