About Managing Reports


All of the default reports within MedicalDirector Stats are generated live when you open the application, and are based on your current Clinical data. Additional reports (i.e. accessible via hyperlinks within a report or after applying a custom filter) are generated on-the-fly.

As it is possible to run MedicalDirector Stats and Clinical simultaneously, you can refresh the MedicalDirector Stats report data to reflect changes you have just made in Clinical. To do this, select File > Refresh or click the Refresh icon on the MedicalDirector Stats toolbar.

The Reports menu tree can be customised.

Please note that only un-deleted records are considered, regardless of whether medical conditions are marked as active or inactive.

For APCC & NPI reports:

  • Only 'active' patients are considered (e.g. 'inactive', 'deceased' or 'deleted' Clinical patients are not counted)

  • Only 'current' prescriptions are considered (e.g. prescriptions from 'old scripts' are not analysed)