Clinical User Guide
MDref and the MDref Explorer

MDRef is Clinical's drug database, accessed via the MDref Explorer. The MDref Explorer interface allows you to;

o      Search for and view detailed information about each drug

o      Identify medications that have similar ingredients i.e. where there is at least one ingredient shared by two or more medications.

o      View related Product Information

o      View related Consumer Medications Information

o      View related Independent Drug Monographs

o      Check for interactions

o      Examine alternatives

o      Access Pregnancy Codes and notes for medications

o      Prescribe

When MDref Explorer is opened from the Clinical front screen, it displays the first item in the MDref database. However, if MDref Explorer is opened via the patient's Clinical Window, it is opened to coincide with whatever item is currently selected in the patient's medication list.

To locate a specific item in MDref, either:

o      Enter the item name in the Enter Drug Name text box. As you type, the highlight will jump to the first matching item in the database.

o      Filter the item list via the Search by Drug Class drop-down menu.

o      Use the navigation tree to filter product groups.

Button Functionality within MDref