Limited Medication Cessation Prompt


The Limited Medication Elapsed Prompt appears when the cessation date of a medication has elapsed.

Allows you to continue the prescription of the drug that has elapsed the cessation date. This also updates the Last Script Date field associated with the selected medication on the Current Rx tab.

Allows you to make the drug a long-term prescription.

Allows you to mark the prescription record as completed, if for example the patient has finished the course of the prescription.

Allows you to remove the drug from the prescription list and adds the drug to the Deleted Medication list. Should this drug be prescribed again in the future a warning is displayed stating this drug has been removed.

Allows you to ignore this warning message.



Letter Writer

When creating a letter in Letter Writer, if you choose to use the Medication List field to add patient data to the letter, you have the option of including the Limited Medications Elapse Date of any medications the patient has been prescribed.