Licensing (Surgical Audit Tool)


The Surgical Audit Tool licensing structure and limitations are different to those of Clinical to the extent that:

o       Upon installing the Surgical Audit Tool and saving your first operation record, a complimentary 30-day trial commences, after which it will not be possible to record new operation records. It will however be possible to view and edit operation records that were performed during the 30-day trial period.

o       Data recorded during the trial period will not be deleted once the trial period has elapsed; it will remain available to you, should you wish to purchase a Licence and continue to use the Surgical Audit Tool. Reports may also be printed for existing operation records.

  • The Surgical Audit Tool can only be used with your live patient database, not the Clinical 'Sample' Database.

  • If you create any pseudo patient records within your live patient database, and you use the Surgical Audit Tool on these patients, any Surgical Audit Reports generated will be based on both your live data and pseudo data, simultaneously.


To enable creation of new operation records beyond the 30-day trial period, a Surgical Audit Tool licence must be purchased from MedicalDirector. Please contact MedicalDirector Sales.