Independent Drug Monographs (DI)


Clinical provides Independent Drug Monograph information via an online repository, accessed from within Clinical.

To access Independent Drug Monograph information, you can:

o       Click from within a patient's record,

o       By right-clicking a patient's current prescription, and selecting Drug Monograph from the menu,

o       By right-clicking a medication from the Select Drug window (accessible whilst creating a new prescription) and selecting Drug Monograph from the menu.


Items of interest on this window

Navigate back and forth through the products you have selected to view during a given session.

Refresh the displayed content (Independent Monographs are accessed via the Internet).

Prints the full PI for the current item.

To search the text for a particular word or phrase within the selected page, click the Find button and enter the text you wish to find. Click the Find Next button to commence the search. If the text is found, all occurrences are highlighted, and the first occurrence is at the top of the window. To see the next occurrence of that text, click the Find Next button again.

Click this button to copy all the information displayed for a given item. You can also select specific content with your mouse and then click this button to copy only the selected content. You can also copy selected content by right-clicking the selection and selecting Copy from the menu that appears.

Item drop-down list

Use this drop-down list to quickly jump to the product of your choice.

Search text box

Search for a product by entering its name in this text box and then clicking the button.