HealthLink Tab


The HealthLink tab is used for managing HealthLink forms. See HealthLink for more information.

New Form

To access the HealthLink homepage, and  commence a new HealthLink form.


To resume a form that you have 'parked' (left incomplete, for completing at a later time). You cannot resume a submitted form..


To delete the selected parked or auto-saved form. You can only delete forms that have not yet been submitted ('parked' or 'auto-saved').

Clear Filters

To clear any filters you have applied to the list of HealthLink forms.


Refreshes the list to display the latest available status of each form.

Error Detail

View details of forms that have failed acknowledgement from HealthLink. Forms with errors are displayed in red.

To apply a filter to the selected column.


Acknowledgment Status (Ack Status) Definitions


A form left incomplete for completion at another time is said to be 'parked'.


A completed form that has been sent to HealthLink, and is either pending acknowledgement, or has failed acknowledgement. Submitted forms cannot be resumed, viewed, or deleted.