Clinical: General Options


The General tab of Clinical Options displays numerous settings for controlling the starting, running and closing of Clinical.

Reset all window columns to default width

Allows you to reset all window columns to the default width.

Start Maximised

Select this check box if you wish Clinical to use the full height and width of the computer's window when it is started. It is started as a window occupying only part of the window if this check box is empty.

Print 'Reason for Medication' on summaries

Select this check box if you would like all items added using the 'reason for medication' dialogue window to be marked so that they appear on letters and summaries.

Insert today's date on new history

Select this check box if you want to have today's date automatically entered into the 'New history item' dialogue window in Past History. Clearing this check box leaves the Date and Year fields blank when creating a new History item.

Use Past Medical History date field on Front Sheet

If this option is selected, the date entry of Past Medical History is displayed on summaries and letters. If it is cleared, Clinical uses the Year field only.

Show icons on patient screen tabs

Display or hide the icons on the Clinical Window tabs. If this option is selected from within a patient record the icons are not displayed or hidden until the patients window is closed and reopened.

Start program in

This option sets which section of Clinical is displayed when the program is first started. Click on the name of the section you require:

  • Patient screen - The Patient's Clinical Window is displayed (this is the default option).

  • Holding file - The list of pathology and radiology investigation results that have been downloaded into Clinical but not yet checked into a patient's record.

  • Investigation screen - The staff investigation window. This shows the list of patient's who have had their investigation results check by a practitioner.

  • Main Menu - Clinical's Front Screen.

Prompt on closing

When this check box is selected, you will be prompted to confirm the action of closing Clinical.

Log out when patient screen closed

When a patient's record is closed the practitioner is automatically logged out of MedicalDirector Clinical.

Show 'loading' message pop-ups

When scrolling through a list of patient documents, as each document becomes highlighted, information regarding it is accessed by Clinical, and a 'loading' message is displayed on-screen. Tick this check box if you wish to hide this prompt. Note that this check box is un-ticked by default.

Warning/Alert Text

Allows you to change the label of the Warning section on the patient's Clinical Window, and on the Allergies/Warnings tab of the Patient Details window.

Default MBS item number

Enter the Medicare Benefit Schedule number that is to be used for the most frequently used type of consultation.

Web Button Captions and URLs

Allows you to enter an address for a web site you can open with the Custom buttons, at the bottom of the patient's Clinical window. Here you can also give this button a customised name. Note that this feature is saved per-user. See Tool Bars and Buttons for more information on button-mapping.

Template Button Captions and Names

Clicking  the associated    button allows you to choose which Letter Writer template will open when you click the Medical Certificate button at the bottom-right of the Clinical Window. The Custom Template Button Caption field allows you  to rename this button. The button label is restricted to a maximum of 25 characters. Note that this feature is saved per-user. See Tool Bars and Buttons for more information on button-mapping.