If not specified, a new patient's gender is determined automatically, depending on the Title you select for them, and is limited to male/female options. You can specify a gender manually by selecting an option from the Gender drop-down menu on the Pt Details tab of a patient's demographics.

It is important that you record the patient's gender, as failing to do so may limit the scope of functionality available to that patient, such as the Obstetric tab and the Cervical Cytology Request window, which are available only to female or gender-neutral patients. Furthermore, some patient prompts will not appear (cervical screening reminders, for example), drug interaction checking for pregnant patients will not be active, and conducting searches for patients where the criteria includes gender will not return all the patients in question.


Basic Gender Options

Clinical provides the following gender options to select from:

o       Not Stated

o       Male

o       Female

o       Intersex/Other



There are a number of locations in Clinical where a patient's gender is displayed. Where room permits, the full description is shown. Otherwise, the following abbreviations are used:

         N - Not Stated

         M - Male

         F - Female

         X - Intersex/Other



Transgender Patients

You can also specify that the patient is transgender, to indicate that if the patient has had or is undergoing transgender procedures. A patient who was born 'male', who is currently undergoing transgender procedures, would be recorded as 'Female Transgender'.


How Gender Determines Clinical Scope

A patient's gender definition determines the scope of content available to them within Clinical;

o       Male patients have access to shared features, as well as features exclusive to male patients.

o       Female patients have access to shared features, as well as features exclusive to female patients.

o       Gender-neutral patients have access to all content. A gender-neutral patient is one whose gender is defined as either 'Not Stated', 'Transgender Male', 'Transgender Female', or 'Intersex/Other'.