Configuring the Device

1.      Run the ECGMAC PC-ECG software.

2.      Select the Setting menu.

3.      Select the GDT tab and ensure the GDT settings are correct:

o       Input: C:\GDT\Input

o       Output: C:\GDT\Output

o       Application abbreviation: PEKG

o       EDP Abbreviation: MD

o       Ensure Use incremental extension is not ticked

o       Ensure Enable GDT function automatically Is ticked



Performing a Test in Clinical

1.      From within the Clinical Window, select Tools > Tool Box > Electrocardiogram. The ECG tab appears.


2.      Click to initiate the ECGMAC PC-ECG PE-1201 software.  The device software will now load.

3.      Follow the documentation provided with the device to perform a reading;

    1. Press the Sampling menu to load the Demographics. Once the demographics appear press the OK button. Perform the ECG recording.

    2. Once you have finished recording the ECG, press the Stop button on the menu.

    3. Press the Exit button on the menu to exit the device software


4.      The ECG recording will now be available within the ECG toolbox of the patient’s record within Clinical. To view the recording, highlight the ECG entry within ECG Tab of the patient’s toolbox and press



Device Support

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NSW 2140

1300 793 755

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