Clinical User Guide
Dosage, Frequency, and Instructions (modifying of)

To modify the dosage of, frequency of, or instructions for a current medication:

1.      From within the Clinical Window select the Current Rx tab.


2.      Locate the prescription you wish to modify and either:

o      Double-click the dose, frequency or instruction for the medication, or

o      Right-click the medication and select Change Dose from the menu.


3.      The Enter Dose window appears.


4.      Make any changes that are required and then click OK to confirm.

5.      You will be prompted to confirm the drug quantity and repeats. Modify if necessary and click OK to continue.

Drug Quantity and Repeats window
This prompt will differ slightly, depending on whether you are prescribing a limited or regular medication. It is possible to disable the prompt for regular medications via Prescribing Options.


6.      (Options)

o      If you are prescribing a PBS/RPBS Restricted Benefit medication, you will be prompted accordingly. See PBS/RPBS Restricted Benefit Medications for further information.

o      If you are prescribing a medication that requires an Authority Approval Number, you will be prompted accordingly. See Authority Items for further information.


7.      Upon modifying the prescription you will be returned to the Current RX tab of the patient's Clinical Window.