Clinical User Guide
Diabetes Register Searches

The Diabetes Register is a requirement of the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) diabetes incentive. Further information about this incentive is available from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care.

This register enables the management of patients diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Recalls can be added to patients in the register to meet the second requirement of the diabetes incentive.

The register displays the dates that activity items were added to or amended in the patient's Diabetes assessment;

o      Records displayed in red indicate that there is one or more activity items that needs attention at this time. Complete a Diabetes Assessment for the patient.

o      Records in black show that the patient has completed all activities within the set time-frames for each activity, and no further activity is required at this time.


To search the Diabetes Register:

From the Clinical Front Screen, select Search > Diabetes Register. The Diabetes Register window appears, complete with search results.

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