Clinical User Guide
Diabetes Assessment

To conduct a Diabetes Assessment:

1.      Select Clinical > Diabetes Record from the patient's Clinical Window. The Diabetes Follow Up window appears.


2.      Click Assessment. The Diabetes Assessment commences.

The assessment consists of six of pages, one for each category (with the first being 'General', as shown in the following image). Enter information for your patient, clicking Next to progress through the assessment.


3.      When you are returned to the Diabetes Follow Up window, you can add or view values by clicking Add Values. The Diabetes Record window appears. Enter data as necessary. This information is then displayed on the Diabetes Follow Up window and graphs.


4.      Click Save to confirm any changes made to this window..

5.      (Optional) Values entered here can be viewed in graphical form by clicking Graph. When you have finished viewing the graph, click Close to return to the Diabetes Follow Up window.