DOCLE is a coding system (based on the Linnaean coding and classification system) used to standardise data entry, help ensure consistency, and provide a base for use with Drug Interactions and Searching. Clinical uses a part of the DOCLE coding system to record diagnosis and to search the database.

DOCLE is present in numerous locations within Clinical where a diagnosis is required, in the form of a pick list. An example of this is seen in the following image.

Use of the DOCLE list is not mandatory, and in most instances an alternative Free Text field is provided.

If you choose to use free-text rather than the supplied DOCLE text entries when recording a diagnosis, those entries may be overlooked when conducting searches or during drug interaction checking.


In order to account for this, the Diagnosis Coder was developed to provide a means by which free-text entries could be associated with supplied DOCLE text entries.


Many diagnoses have synonymous names. For example, Diabetes Mellitus - Type 1, IDDM (Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) are all synonymous and use the same DOCLE code (diabm). These codes are used by the search utilities used for the Diabetes Register and Asthma search as well as the Search Database utility.

o       If you wish to make changes to the DOCLE list within Clinical, contact MedicalDirector Customer Care by e-mail.

o       For further information about the DOCLE system, refer to the DOCLE systems web site


It is possible to convert free text entries in the Past History database to DOCLE coded entries using the Diagnosis Coder. If you have additions you would like made to the DOCLE codes (or other request relating to the DOCLE System), please refer them to