Creating and Modifying Templates


To Create a New Template

1.      From within Letter Writer, select File > New. The New window appears.


2.      Select Blank Template from the User Defined list. Click to continue.

3.      Select the paper size to be used for the document. Initially the default setting is derived from the printer settings in Windows, but may have been modified via Letter Writer Print Options.

4.      Add content to the template as necessary. This could include;

o       Text

o       Tables

o       Images and Objects

o       Letterhead

o       Data


5.      Save the template.



To Modify an Existing Template

1.      From within the Letter Writer, select File > Modify Template. The Modify window appears.


2.      Select the template you wish to modify from those provided, and click to confirm your selection.

3.      Make modifications to the template as necessary.

4.      Save the template.