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Clinical Stats

About Clinical Stats

The Clinical Stats utility has been developed by MedicalDirector to facilitate the analysis of patient data by the practice from Clinical. The initial reports available in Clinical Stats are intended for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the Australian Primary Care Collaboratives (APCC) and the National Performance Indicators (a part of the National Quality Performance System).

The MedicalDirector Stats utility operates as an independent utility integrated with Clinical. This is an optional component of the Clinical suite and its use is entirely under the control of the practice. Any data analysed or extracted by this tool is stored within the practice – no data or any other information is transmitted outside the practice by Clinical Stats. However, any practice that wishes to participate in the APCC or NQPS can use Clinical Stats to extract the relevant data from Clinical. Once extracted, this data can be provided to the APCC or NQPS using methods/systems provided by them. Clinical Stats does not transfer data outside of the surgery.


Key Features




Accessing Clinical Stats

1.      Run Clinical Stats. There is an icon for Clinical Stats located:

o      On your Windows Desktop, and

o      Within the Windows Start Menu, via Programs > MedicalDirector > Clinical Stats


2.      You will be prompted to log-in to the Clinical Stats application. Ensure you select the correct database configuration you wish to log into - this will be the Clinical database that contains the data you wish to derive statistics from.