Cardioline Cube


Configuring the Device

The minimum version of the Cardioline Cube software supported by MedicalDirector Clinical is v1.3.3.

There are a number settings that must be configured in the Cube software before you can use it in conjunction with Clinical. If after configuring the Cube software you encounter any errors when conducting a scan via Clinical, see the troubleshooting section towards the end of this topic for possible resolutions.

1.      From within the Cube software, select Tools > Settings.

2.      Select the Working Directory tab.

3.      Within the Test Type list, select 'Monitor ECG', and then specify a default directory.

4.      Click the Apply button.

5.      Click to close the Settings window.



Performing a Test in Clinical

1.      From within the Clinical Window, select Tools > Tool Box > Electrocardiogram. The ECG tab appears.


2.      Click to enter the appropriate patient values for this test.

The Available ECG Machines window is displayed if more than one device is installed. Select the device you wish to use from this window.


3.      When prompted by the Cube software, enter your Username and Password (this is the username/password combination for the Cube software - not what you use to logon to Clinical).

4.      In the next window that appears, you should see the patient's details, automatically obtained from Clinical. Do not edit these details.

5.      Click the Next button to continue. You will be prompted to enter indication and/or medication data. This information does not get transferred to Clinical.

6.      Click the Next button to continue.

7.      (Optional)When performing a scan for the first time, you may be prompted to select an input type.

8.      The scan will commence. You must record at least 10 seconds of data before continuing.

9.      When you wish to conclude the scan, click the End button in the Cube software.

10.  You will be prompted to save the test. Click the Yes button.

11.  A report of the scan is displayed. Close the report window.

12.  Close the Cube software. You will be returned to Clinical, and the scan data will now appear in the patient's record.





When closing the Cube software, you receive the message, 'Unable to obtain the GDT data. Ensure GDT is enabled within the Cardioline Cube software and the path is accessible'.

Possible Cause:

Ensure that you have specified a working directory for Monitor ECG and ECG.



After conducting the scan within the Cube software and clicking the End button, you receive the following message: 'TCubeEcgViewerApi.SaveNewExam : only duration=10s is supported for types other than MonitorECG (E:\luntbuild\work\Cube\dev5\_SRC\prjCube\viewerEms\src\uEcgViewerApiImplementation.PAS, line 4478)'

Possible Cause:

Ensure that at least 10 seconds have elapsed before ending the scan in the Cube software.



Clinical appears to be frozen and will not accept user input.

Possible Cause:

Ensure that the scan in the Cube software has been finalised and that the Cube software has been closed before returning to Clinical.



After pressing the 'Record' button in MedicalDirector Clinical, you receive the following message : 'GDT Error: GDT patient differs from patient in database'

Possible Cause:

The patient ID already exists in the CARDIOLINE Cube database. This is more likely to occur if you have already conducted scans for this patient in the Cube software external to Clinical.



After pressing the 'End' button during a test, you receive the following message: 'The exam has not been finished correctly and it will be deleted'.

Possible Cause:

This message will occur if you select 'No' when prompted to save the test after pressing 'End'.



Device Support

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