Clinical User Guide
Brands, Medications, and Strengths (modifying of)

It is possible to modify a current prescription by prescribing;

o      Alternative brands of medication i.e. of the same active ingredients and strength.

o      Alternative types of medication i.e. of same active ingredients, regardless of strength.

o      Alternative strengths of medication i.e. of the same drug name and dose-form but different strength, quantity or other field.

o      Single and Multi-Ingredient medications i.e. where the active ingredient is shared by two or more medications.


To modify a current prescription by prescribing an alternative:

1.      From within the Clinical Window, select the Current Rx tab.

2.      Select and right-click the medication you wish to modify. Then select from;

o      Alternative Products

o      Alternative Brands

o      Alternative Strengths

o      Single and Multi-Ingredient Products


3.      The following window appears.

o      PBS - Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

o      RPBS - Restricted Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

o      B.P.P. - Brand Price Premium

o      T.G.P. - Therapeutic Group Premium

o      S.P.C. - Special Patient Contribution



4.      Via the Alternatives section at the bottom of the window, filter the drug list if desired.

5.      Select the medication you wish to prescribe as the alternative.

6.      Click to confirm your selection.

7.      You will be prompted to confirm the drug quantity and repeats. Modify if necessary and click OK to continue.

Drug Quantity and Repeats window

This prompt will differ slightly, depending on whether you are modifying a limited or regular medication. It is possible to disable the prompt for regular medications via Prescribing Options.


8.      You will be returned to the patient's Current Rx tab.