Adding Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners


1.      Ensure you have opened the User Database.


2.      Click or   If there is no button present, please refer to Multi-User Licensing. The Add Doctor/Nurse Practitioner window appears.


3.      Enter your details.

o       All details marked with a red asterisk must be completed; the recording of a Doctor's/Nurse Practitioner's name, address, prescriber number, provider number and qualifications is a legal requirement, as these details appear on prescriptions. The Provider Number is required as it is used on Pathology/Radiology forms and added to referral letters.

o       See Healthcare Identifiers Service for information on the HPI-I number.

o       The State Registration No. field is optional. This number is required when a Doctor/Nurse Practitioner enrolls in any state-based project run by their state Department of Health and Ageing. For more information about these projects, please contact the Department of Health and Ageing in your state.

o       If you wish to participate in My Health Record, tick the Participate in MyHealthRecord check box and enter your details as you wish them to appear within the My Health Record system.


4.      Indicate the status of the Doctor/Nurse Practitioner as either a Prescriber or Locum. Refer to Multi-User Licensing for more information.

Only two locums are accepted in each clinic. The Locum option button is disabled if there are already two locums in the database. To add a new one you must remove one of the other locums.


5.      Optional:

o       ePrescribing is enabled by default, and requires that you have registered for MDExchange to function.

o       Indicate whether this practitioner should have Top-Level Access.

o       Indicate whether this practitioner should have Data Export Privileges.

o       Tick the Options Editing check box if you wish to give the user access to the Clinical Options and Print Options menus.

o       Tick the PKI Encryption check box to enable the encrypting of e-mail correspondence sent from Clinical Letter Writer using HESA PKI Certificate encryption technology.

o       Tick the Auto-Capitalise Name check box to automatically capitalise the first letter of each word you type. There are numerous windows throughout Clinical that offer this functionality, including the various Options tabs. The status of this Auto-Capitalise Name check box determines the default for all others.


6.      Click to add the new user to the database. At this point you are prompted to enter a new password.


7.      Devise a password, and enter and confirm it in the fields provided. Click to confirm. For further information about passwords, see Setting and Changing Your Password.

If you created a new Nurse Practitioner and you run Pracsoft in conjunction with Clinical, you will now need to open Pracsoft and add the Nurse Practitioner to Pracsoft.

See Editing Practitioners and Users within Pracsoft for detailed instructions.