Adding Planned Procedures


When recording an operation within the Surgical Audit Tool, a facility is provided for creating a list of planned procedures. Procedures can be obtained from a pre-defined Medicare MBS Item list or from a custom procedures list. Adding procedures from these lists is explained as follows.

1.      Ensure you have commenced creating or editing an operation.

2.      Select the Admission Tab on the Surgical Audit Tool window.


3.      Click . The Search for a Procedure window appears.


4.      To search for a procedure either:

o       Enter the associated MBS Item number (44 is used in the preceding example), or

o       Type a description. As you begin to type, the search is conducted, with matching results being displayed on-the-fly.


5.      (Optional) It is possible to add user-defined procedures. To do this:

o       At the previous window, click  The optional Search for a Procedure window appears.


o       Enter a custom code and description for your procedure item. The code must consist of 5 alpha-numeric characters.


6.      Click to confirm your entry. Your procedure item will be added to the Planned Procedures list.