Actioned Items - Managing Previous Results for All Patients


You can view all documents and Investigations Results that have been actioned and moved to patient records, via the Clinical front screen by selecting Correspondence > Actioned Items.

o       Items can be managed from this window, as described in the following table. Alternatively, you can double-click an item to view it in more detail, where you can manage it individually.

o       Sort the list of Results by clicking on any column heading. The sort order of a column is indicated via the direction of the icon.

o       Double-click a result to view it in full-preview mode, where you can then also view any comments associated with the record.

o       By default, when you first open the Actioned Items window, the list of items will be filtered to display only those that have been checked-off during the last three months (via the Date Created column).

o       Simple/Advanced filtering can be applied to this window. In the example above, the Date Checked column has been filtered;

See Filtering/Searching Correspondence Records for more information.


Items of interest on this window:

Note that the range of option available to you will be limited by the level of access you have.

Upper Section

Preview;  Full, Bottom, Right

Controls the display of the preview pane, which contains selected document's details. Options are 'Full', 'Bottom', and 'Right'. The image above shows that 'Bottom' has been selected, and the details of the selected document are visible in the lower half of the window.

Hide/Show Preview

Hide or show the preview pane.

Clear Filters

Clears any filters you may have applied to this window. This option will be greyed-out if no filters have been applied.

Move Location

Click to move selected documents to a specific tab within the patient's record. You can select from the 'Documents', 'Letters' or 'Results' tabs in the Clinical Window, or the ECG tab of the Tool Box.

Document Details

Click to edit the details of a selected document.

Send SMS

Send an SMS message to the patient associated with the selected item.

Print / Print To

*Include Patient Header

Prints every page of every multi-page document within every selected record;

  • Print: Prints to the Letter Writer printer.

  • Print To: By clicking the next to the Print button, you can specify where you want to send the print job by calling the Windows print dialogue box.


The 'Include Patient Header' option will print the patient's demographic data that appears at the top-left of an item, as shown in the example below. Most results include this information already, so it would normally be unnecessary for you to select this option. You can set whether this option is active or not by default via Investigations Options.

Print List / Print List To

Prints a list of selected documents. Note that the details of the selected documents are not displayed on the printout.

  • Print: Prints to the Letter Writer printer.

  • Print To: By clicking the next to the Print button, you can specify where you want to send the print job by calling the Windows print dialogue box.


Click to delete selected documents.


Click to refresh the list of documents.

Holding File

Click to open the Holding File.


Select a zoom option fro the drop-down list provided. Only available to records that can be zoomed, such as photographs.

Open Externally

Opens the selected document in the default third-party application, for viewing externally to Clinical. Only available to records that must be opened by a third-party application.


Lower Section

Previous / Next

Click to scroll through the list of documents.

Assign / Reassign Patient

Click to select a different patient to assign selected records to.

Notify / De-notify

Click to indicate that the patient was notified about the selected document. This may be used if you have scanned or imported an Investigation Result into the list of documents, for example. Conversely, for documents already flagged as 'notified', this button will read 'De-notify', and will flag the selected document accordingly.

Add Recall

Click to add a Recall for the patient.

Open Patient

Opens the record of the patient associated with the selected item.

View Signature

Click to view the digital signature of any encrypted document you have received via MD Exchange.

Audit History

Toggles half of the viewing area to display an audit trail of changes made to a selected document.


Closes the Actioned Items window.


Permissions Matrix

The following matrix indicates whether the Actioned Items window is available to the different user types in Clinical.




(Full Access)

(Limited Access)

(Basic Access)

(Full Access)

(Limited Access)

(Basic Access)




'Display results to staff' option disabled.

'Display results to staff' option enabled.

Via the Clinical front screen

Via the patient's record