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Automatic Creation of Central Messages Folder (central repository)

As of version MD3.4, a central Messages folder (containing both IN and OUT folders) is automatically created on the server (C:\Program Files\Health Communication Network\Messages\) with a share name of HCNMSGS. This central repository can be used by the Pathology/Radiology Providers (if supported by their dialing programs).

All Clinical workstations will need to be configured to look at these shared folders in order for them to perform an import.


Multiple Clinical Databases on Single Server

In order to keep the results for different databases segregated, it is recommended that separate, database-specific locations be created under the central repository (as mentioned above), and you configure the Clinical workstation computers accordingly (i.e. create subfolders under the Messages folder using a naming convention that indicates which database they are for, with their own IN and OUT subfolders). Currently, Clinical does not support the importing of Pathology/Radiology results for different database configurations from the one workstation/server computer.