Bluechip User Guide
Your First Batch

1.      Open the Practice Explorer and select Batches from the Margin Menu.

2.      Highlight the practitioner for whom you wish to issue or receipt a batch, and click


3.      Highlight the appropriate batch and click  The Batch Receipt Amount window appears.


4.      Indicate how much of this batch has been paid (leave blank if nothing), and click to continue.

o      The Date column will display the date on which a batch was issued. The Batch ID is a number that is assigned to each batch when it is issued, by Bluechip.

o      The contents of the Medicare No column will vary, depending on the type of batch. The Medicare No is entered by the user who issues the batch. In this case the term Medicare No refers to the Batch Claim ID Number.

o      The Number of invoices in the batch is displayed in the 4th column.

o      The Name column contains the name of the batch type.

o      The Status column indicates the stage that the batch is up to, in the batching process. Medicare Manual, Medicare Printed and Company batch types follow this order:

       Open: Has not been issued yet, can still be added to.

       Awaiting Payment:  Has been issued, is awaiting payment.

       Open:  Has not been issued yet, can still be added to.

       Awaiting Transmission:  Has been issued, but has not been transmitted to Medicare yet.

       Awaiting Payment:  Has been issued and transmitted to Medicare, Ready to receive Exception Statement from Medicare.

       Awaiting Deposit:  Has been issued and transmitted to Medicare, Exception Statement has been received from Medicare, is awaiting receipt of EFT-Payment summaries from Medicare.


The Total column displays the total dollar value of the batch, as issued by the practice.

If you are issuing a batch, you should first print a draft summary to make sure that the details are correct before clicking on Issue Batch. When you click the Issue Batch button, you are asked to confirm that the amount of the batch is correct, and to enter the Batch, or Claim, number.

If you are receipting a batch, click on Open. Enter the total amount of the payment and click

If the amounts were the same, click on Receipt batch. If Medicare has rejected an item, click in the check box next to that item, to deselect it. If Medicare has underpaid or overpaid on an item, modify the amount paid for that item, until you have an amount unallocated of Nil. click the Receipt batch button.

You will be asked to confirm the payment details (i.e. Medicare Cheque, Direct Debit, and so forth). The appropriate setting should be selected by default. Click