Bluechip User Guide
Word Processing Field Codes

When editing a Word Processing Template, a WP Fields menu becomes available at the top of the Bluechip window. The WP Fields menu contains all of the database Field Codes that you can use with Word Processing Templates.

Some examples of WP Fields that are often used in templates include:

o      [RefNameAddr] = Referring Dr's full name and address

o      [RefSalutation] = Referring Dr's salutation

o      [PatName] = The Patient's full name, including title

o      [PatDOB] = The Patient's date of birth

o      [PatAddr1and2] = The first two lines of the Patient's address

o      [PatAddrSub] = The suburb line, including suburb, state and postcode, of the Patient's address

Fortunately, you do not need to know these or any other codes to setup your Word Processing Templates. Rather, you can simply select the Field Code you wish to use from the WP Fields menu. To insert a WP Field, you position the insertion point (cursor) where you wish to place the code, and then select the relevant field from the WP Fields menu.

The WP Fields menu contains a number of Field Code categories to select from, including Patient, Referral, Account, Lookup doctor (none), Practitioner, Practice and Other. Note that Account and Practitioner fields will only be available if users remember to choose an associated account when creating letters based on a template that contains them.

A Note about the Account Sub-Menu:

Fields from the Account sub-menu will only be available to users who selected associated accounts when creating documents based on templates that contain them. This is because they are specifically designed to draw information from the Account details section of a document's associated account.

For example, a template may be setup to import a patient's Insurance Company's name and address, Claim No and Injury Date. These items of information are recorded in the Account details section of a patient's Workers Compensation account.

When creating a document based on this template, you must associate the document with that patient's Workers Compensation account. If this is not done, Bluechip will be unable to find the information required to fill the Account fields, and blank spaces will be left in the document.

In order to know which field to choose from the Account sub-menu, you should check the Class Setup. Under the General tab in the Class Setup dialogue, you will see the Account contacts, Number fields, Date fields and General Text fields that are applicable to each class.