Bluechip User Guide
Waiting List Window

The Waiting List provides a mechanism for creating and managing a list of patients when no suitable, free slots are available in the Appointment Book. Once a slot becomes free, patients can be transferred from the Waiting List to the Appointment Book. The Waiting List should not be used for making general patient appointments, nor should it be confused with either the Waiting Room or a patient's Bookings window.

o      Filter the list of waiting patients by Practitioner and/or by Location.

o      Columns can be sorted by clicking the column header. In the example above, the data is sorted alphabetically by Location, as indicated by the icon in the column header.

Note: the Location column is new to version 2.11 of Bluechip. This field will be blank for any patient who had been added to the Waiting List prior to you upgrading to 2.11. For such patients, if you wish to indicate a specific location for the appointment, double-click their entry in the Waiting List, and indicate the appropriate location from the window that appears. See Waiting List for more information.