Bluechip User Guide
VMoney Export

See also: VMoney

For Practices that wish to manage VMO payments from NSW Health, Bluechip provides a facility for exporting VMoney data in .CSV format. You can then upload the .CSV file of your transactions to the VMoneyWeb application.

To Export the .CSV File of Transactions

1.      Within Bluechip, select BC Tools > VMoney Export. The VMoney Export window appears.


2.      Before you generate the report, you must ensure that every parameter on this window has been specified, including;

o      Year

o      Month

o      Class

o      Practitioner

o      Medical Registration Number


Note that the Class you select must have Payment Options that default to 'In Hospital Service', as shown in the following example. The VMoney export will not be successful unless you have configured the class you wish to export correctly.



3.      Click  You will be prompted to select a location to save the .CSV report to. Note that a default file name is generated for you.


4.      Click to save the VMoney report.