Bluechip User Guide
Updating MBS-RMFS Fees in Bluechip

The Bluechip MBS-RMFS Fees Update file can be obtained;

o      By downloading and installing the BC Fee Update via MedicalDirector Automatic Update. Fee updates via this method are only available to Bluechip 2.10 or later.

  • By downloading and installing the BC Fee Update from the MedicalDirector Web Site.




    1.      Obtain the MBS-RMFS Fees Update file:

    o      If you have chosen to download and install the Fees Update file manually, proceed now to Step 2.

    o      Alternatively, if you have chosen to obtain the Fees Update file by downloading and installing it via MedicalDirector Automatic Update, it will alert you to the update’s availability. You will have the option to download and install the update immediately, or download it to a predefined location (configured via MedicalDirector Automatic Update’s Preferences window) for manual installation, later.

           It is recommended that you select the ‘Download and Install’ option to ensure that the update is applied immediately. The ‘Download Only’ option is provided for large practices, where many computers share a limited Internet connection - the update can be downloaded once to a predefined location and installed manually later, to all computers. For assistance with this option, please consult your System Administrator.

    2.      Access the MedicalDirector website.

    3.      Locate the section where the Health Fund Fee Updates are located.


    4.      Locate and download the MBS and RMFS Fee Update, and click

    5.      If prompted to Run, Save or Cancel the application, select Run.

    6.      When running the update application, you may be prompted with a Security Warning message. If so, please select This message may differ depending on which version of Windows you use.


    7.      When the Fee Updater launches, click to proceed.


    8.      You will be prompted to launch the Fee Updater. Click The BC Fee Update screen appears, an example of which is below.


    9.      Click The fee updates will be loaded into Bluechip and will automatically activate when scheduled to.

    o      If prompted with the following message, you must download and install the latest Bluechip Fee Activator. The Fee Activator must be applied to your Server.

    Close and run BC Fee Update again once Bluechip Fee Activator is up to date.


    10.   When the process completes, click

    o      The update only needs to be applied once, on any computer.

    o       For sites running Bluechip 2.9 or earlier, please remember to update any derived fees manually.