Bluechip User Guide
Updating Health Fund Fees in Bluechip

MedicalDirector provides its customers with the latest Health Fund fees and rates. MedicalDirector continues to liaise regularly with Health Funds in an endeavour to release these updates to you as soon as they become available.

When notified that a Health Fund fee updated is available, it is highly recommended to update as soon as possible to support billing for your Practice and Medicare.

There are two steps to updating Health Fund Fee Lists;

o      Download Health Fund Fee Lists

o      Import Health Fund Fee List into Bluechip

Step 1 – Download Health Fund Fee Lists

1.      If this is the first time the Practice has downloaded Health Fund Fee Lists, it is recommended that you create a new folder where you wish to store the downloaded Fees Lists e.g. C:\Health Funds.

2.      Access the MedicalDirector website.

3.      Locate the section where the Health Fund Fee Updates are located.


4.      Locate the fee update for your Health Fund.


5.      To download a fee update, click the link corresponding with the Health Fund and State.

o      If prompted to save the file, locate the folder you created in Step 1, and then click the Save button.

       If you don't get prompted, the file will most likely have been downloaded to your browser's downloads folder.


o      The Fees file is a .csv file, and can be opened in Microsoft Excel as a spreadsheet, as seen below.

o      As of Bluechip 2.10, the Fee file includes derived fees, and allows for a description to be added for each Service Item. You can add descriptions in this way before you import the list into Bluechip. Any descriptions you add in this way will override the MBS or Health Fund descriptions in Bluechip.


6.      Make any amendments you wish, and then Save the changes.

7.      Repeat for each fee list the Practice requires.

Step 2 – Import the Health Fund Fee List into Bluechip

After downloading the Health Fund Fee lists, you must import them into Bluechip.


1.      In Bluechip select Setup > Lists > Service Items. The Service Item List window appears.


2.      Within the Service Items Lists window, locate and select the Service Items list you wish to import fees to.

o      If the Health Fund does not exist in the Service Item List, click to create a list for it. Enter the Name and Abbreviation of the Health Fund, and click

o      The drop down menu ‘Preload Items from another list’ allows you to attach an existing fee list to the Health Fund you are creating e.g. you could attached the Teachers Health Fund to the AHSA fee list.

o      It is recommended to add the month and year as a notification of the last fee update to the Health Fund Name.



3.      Click The Fee Import window will appear.


4.      Click to open the Select Fee File window.

o      Browse to the Health Fund Fee List location where you stored the downloaded files. Select the file corresponding to the fee list you have selected to update; and either click or double-click on the highlight file.


o      The Fee Import window will re-appear with the file to import attached.


5.      Click The import process commences, and you will be notified when it has completed. Click

6.      Repeat all steps for each fee list you wish to update.