Bluechip User Guide
Single Appointments

The following information relates to creating a single appointment via the Appointment Book. You can also create an appointment via the patient's record.

1.      Ensure you have elected to access to the Outlook® Style Appointment Book, via Practice Explorer Preferences.

2.      From the Bluechip main window, click  The Practice Explorer appears.

3.      Within the Practice Explorer Margin Menu, select the Appointment Book. The Appointment Book window appears.

Note that the image above shows 'Day' view, and displays the appointment schedules for multiple practitioners. The layout you see may differ, depending on what selections you have made, as explained following.


4.      Via the Practitioners drop-down list, select the practitioner whose appointment schedule you wish to display. You can also use this menu to display the appointment schedules for a group of practitioners. Note that after selecting a group to display, you can show or hide individual members of that group using the secondary Display drop-down list.

For example, the first image below shows that a group called Surgeons has been selected, and from that group, only Doctor Kong's schedule is currently displayed. The second image shows the same group, but with Doctor Kong and Doctor Ayers displayed.


5.      Select which period of schedule(s) you wish to display, via the associated option buttons.
You can select from:

o      Day view

o      Work Week view

o      Week view

o      Month view


You can also use the calendar at the right-hand side to show different time periods (not displayed on the image above).

6.      To add an appointment, locate an available slot, and then either:

o      Double-click the slot.

o      Right-click the slot and select New Appointment.


The New Appointment Wizard appears.

7.      Click to select a patient to record the appointment for.

If the patient is a new patient, start by entering their surname, and then press the tab key. This calls the window that allows you to create a new patient record.

8.      Select the purpose of the booking from the Type drop-down list.

9.      Enter an appointment duration time if necessary. The duration defaults to the default time recorded for the selected Practitioner, via the Appointments tab of Practitioner Setup.

10.   The Referring Doctor field automatically displays the patient's most current Referral (if available) and Referring Doctor. If necessary, you can create a new referral via this window by clicking the down arrow and then clicking on the secondary window that appears.

11.   Click to continue. The Create Single Appointment window appears.


12.   (Optional) The date and time of the appointment that you selected from the New Appointment window will be displayed automatically. However, you can modify these settings if necessary now, via one of the following methods:

o      Manually enter a date.

o      Select a date from the calendar by click the associated button.

o      Find a free slot in the appointment book for the selected Practitioner by clicking

o      Find a free slot in the appointment book for other Practitioners by clicking

o      Enter an appointment time in the Time field or use the clock button to select an appropriate time


13.   (Optional) Select a priority for the booking. This is necessary only if there is a double-booking.

14.   (Optional) Enter any relevant comments in the Comments field.

15.   (Optional) If there are any appointment warnings to alert you to, you will be presented with  Click to review the warning.

16.   Click  You are returned to the Appointment Book window, where the appointment details are now available.

A patient's bookings can be viewed via the Bookings menu item within the Patient Explorer. You can apply a few quick edits to an appointment from this screen, including:

o      Moving the appointment by selecting it and dragging it to another time slot and/or practitioner.


o      Increase/Decrease the length of the appointment, by selecting and dragging the upper/lower edge of the appointment.

o      Indicate the status of an appointment, by right-clicking it, and selecting Status from the menu that appears.

See Editing Appointments for more information.