Bluechip User Guide
Configure a Practitioner to use the Bulk Bill Class

Setting-up a Practitioner to use the Bulk Bill Class

The following steps must be performed for each practitioner who wishes to the use the Bulk Bill class.

1.      Select Setup > Practitioner > Practitioner Details. The Practitioner Setup window appears.


2.      Select the Class Usage tab (it should be displayed by default).

3.      Via the Practitioners list, select the practitioner whose classes you wish to manage. Their list of Required Classes will be displayed. Classes that are ticked are those that the practitioner has been granted association with.

4.      Within the Required Classes list, tick the MA Online BB option.

5.      Select the Class Options tab.


6.      Within the Class list, select the MA Online BB class.

7.      Within the Applicable Service Item Lists list, tick the Medicare option (classes established using a Medicare Online Bulk Bill batch method can only be associated with the Medicare service item list).

8.      Select the General tab.


9.      Within the Service Types section, indicate which service types this practitioner offers.

10.   Click  to save the changes.