Bluechip User Guide
Resubmitting a Claim

1.      Write off the original invoice item, copy it and attach the copied invoice item to a new invoice. Service text can be entered for the invoice item to allow the claim to be referred to a Medicare officer for consideration. This is automatically completed by Bluechip.

2.      Attach the new invoice to a new claim and submit it to Medicare for payment. This is a manual process completed by Bluechip users.

3.      After the payment report has been obtained from Medicare, a receipt can be generated and allocations made to it. Items that are not fully paid can be written-off, and over paid items will result in a sundry invoice being created to which the residual funds are allocated. Sundry payments made by Medicare can also be receipted.

4.      When submitted patient information differs from that held by Medicare, corrected patient information is returned with the processing report. This information can then be used to update the PMS report for the patient. These updates are applied at the Patient Updates window which is accessed from the claims list.

5.      All vouchers in a claim must be for the same servicing Practitioner and the same payee provider.

6.      All vouchers must be authorised before being sent to Medicare.

7.      An individual claim cannot be edited or deleted once transmitted to Medicare.

8.      click the column heading to sort the list of claims by date, claim type, room and so forth.

9.      Multiple claims can be sorted and processed together by highlighting the required claims. By right-clicking on the grid a pop-up list is displayed allowing you to select or clear all claims. All processing relates to the claims currently selected. Some actions, for example, deletion are only available when a single claim is selected.

10.   Right-click the list of rooms to select all rooms.

11.   When deleting a claim you will be prompted to confirm the deletion. Once the claim has been deleted, invoices attached to the claim will be available for selection in the New Claims window.

Claims can only be deleted if they have not been sent to Medicare, or have been sent on the same day as the deletion taking place. Un-submitted claims will be removed from the Claims list however submitted claims will remain viewable.

12.   All information about this claim will be removed from the database.

13.   When the amount received for an invoice item is less than the requested amount, then the difference can either be written-off or left as an outstanding balance for that invoice item.

14.   When the amount received for an invoice item is more than the requested amount, a sundry invoice and invoice item are created for the difference in the amounts. Receipt monies are then allocated to this new invoice item.