Bluechip User Guide

Notes About the Restore Utility

o      The Restore utility is available via the Windows Start Menu, or from within Bluechip itself (server computer only).

o      Bluechip must be closed on all computers before you run the restore utility.

Running the Restore Utility

1.      From within Bluechip, select BC Tools > Restore. You will be prompted to exit Bluechip.


2.      Click to confirm. Bluechip will close, and the Bluechip Restore utility appears.


3.      Click to locate and select the backup file you wish to restore. You can verify that you have selected the correct backup via the Settings Summary section of the window.


4.      Click to begin restoring your Bluechip data.

5.      You will be alerted to the fact that the restore process may take some time, depending on the size of the Bluechip data you are restoring.



6.      Click  You will be alerted to the fact that restoring this data will overwrite your existing data.



6.      Click to confirm. The restore commences, and you will notified when complete.


7.      Click to close the prompt.

8.      Click   to close the restore utility.