Bluechip User Guide
Reprinting Patient Claims

To reprint a claim already transmitted to Medicare, for a private patient account:

1.      Open Practice Explorer:

o      Select Window > Practice Explorer

o      Press F12

o      Click  located at the bottom-right of the Bluechip main window.


2.      Select the Medicare Australia menu item.

3.      Locate and select the relevant claim:

o      If the claim is not finalised and can be seen straight away, select it, and continue now to Step 4.

o      If you are unable to find the claim, try;

       Filtering the claim type to 'patient claim', and then clicking

       Filtering the date range set to cover the date of invoice, and then clicking

       Un-ticking 'Exclude finalised claims', and then clicking

4.      Select Reports > Print. The Print Report window appears.

5.      Select Medicare Australia Statement of Claim and Benefit.


6.      Click

7.      Set your print options, and then click to print the report.