Bluechip User Guide
Recalls Window (Patient Explorer)

A Recall is a reminder given to a patient to remind them that they are due for a visit. A recall also acts as a record that the Practice has fulfilled its duty of care to the patient, by recalling them.

In Bluechip, a recall can take the form of a letter, which is printed out and sent to the patient or it can take the form of a phone call that you make to the patient. These recall types are known as 'Print' and 'Contact'. Every recall you create must be of type 'Print' or 'Contact'.

The Recalls window displays a list of current patient recalls. There is also a Recalls window available to the Practice Explorer.

Create a new Recall for this patient.

Send a Recall notification to the patient, for the selected Recall.

Removes (deletes) the selected Recall.