Bluechip User Guide
Performing an OPV before Invoicing

Prior to invoicing, a Patient Verification window will be shown when:

o      The Always or When Required for Patient option is selected to verify patient details on the Patient Verification tab (available using the on the Batch Setup window)...

The Configure Medicare button is displayed on Batch Types MA Online BB, MA Online DVA, and MA Patient Claims.


o      ...and the Verify with Medicare Online before invoicing check box is selected in the Patient Details window.

When performing an OPV prior to invoicing, Bluechip will automatically display the Patient Verification window.

To Complete an OPV when Invoicing

1.      Select the servicing Practitioner who has performed the services to be invoiced.

2.      If you want to change whether the OPV window appears before invoicing, select (or de-select) the "Always verify with Medicare Online before invoicing" option.

This only applies when the verification option is "when required for the patient".


3.      Click to start the OPV process. The Online Patient Verification window appears while Bluechip is communicating with Medicare:


4.      If the verification is successful, the following message will be displayed.


5.      Should the patient details (patient given name, medicare card number, and patient reference number) held by Bluechip be different to those held by Medicare, you may choose to automatically update the patient record.