Bluechip User Guide
Messaging Setup

See also: Surgical Partners for Bluechip

The Messaging Setup utility is used by MedicalDirector Support staff to configure settings for Surgical Partners integration with Bluechip. It is advised that you do not modify the settings in this utility without guidance from Surgical Partners, or MedicalDirector Customer Care.

1.      Locate and run the Messaging Setup utility via C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Health Communication Network\Integration Message Broker\MdMessagingConfigurator.exe

2.      The Messaging Setup window is displayed.

Please consult MedicalDirector Customer Care for assistance with these settings.

o      Ensure Broker Status and API Host are Running.  You may want to click next to those services or to refresh the status.

o      If either of these services have stopped, click

o      Ensure sure that your database is selected in the Databases Configured section. Your database name will have the following format: Computer Name\SQL Server – HCN. Once your database is selected, click to save the changes. Selecting the HCN_SAMPLES database is optional.



Default Value

Host Name

Host Machine used by Message Broker to host the services on TCP

Local Machine Name


Port No used for communicating with Message Broker


Console Port

Console Port for the administrator


Messaging PWD

Password to be used by messaging


Admin PWD

Password used for administrating Message Broker through API or Console


By default the Use Custom Settings check box is un-ticked, and can remain so if you do not use a proxy server to access the Internet. However, if you do use a proxy server, tick the Use Custom Settings check box, and then enter your server's details. Please consult your System Administrator if you require assistance with this.


Default TTL

Default Time To live in seconds for messages. Messages are removed after expiry


Redelivery Interval

Redelivery Delay in seconds


AMQ Install Dir

ActiveMQ Installation Directory

Added to Registry by Installer

Service Install Dir

API Host Service Installation Directory

Added to Registry by Installer

Broker Status

Running/Stopped. This shows if the broker is running or stopped. You can click ‘Update’ to recheck the status


API Host

Running/Stopped. This shows if the API Integration Host service is running or stopped. You can click ‘Update’ to recheck the status


Console Uri

Administration Console Uri accessible for authenticated Users

Uri for the Console


Messaging Uri

Messaging Uri used by messaging applications to send messages to broker


Databases Configured

List of databases configured correctly with the settings on the left. Checked ones are configured correctly. Unchecked ones can be checked to apply the current configuration. It applies instantly.

All databases will be configured with initialized settings when the APIHost service starts.

Reloads all the configuration settings


Restarts the AMQ Message Broker and the API Integration Host Service


Saves all the changes settings into the database/registry etc.