Bluechip User Guide
Letterhead Field Codes

General Fields


Date of the print run.


Bluechip Version.

Contact Fields


Name of contact.


First address line of contact.


Second address line of contact.


Third address line of contact.

Account Fields


File number for the account.


Medicare claimant's reference.


Medicare claimant's name.


Name of addressee in class, with name addressee_type (For example, [A_Solicitor]).


First address line of addressee.


Second address line of addressee.


Third address line of addressee.


Combined first and second address line of addressee.


Class-specific number, with name num_name.


Class-specific date, with name date_name.


Class-specific text, with name text_name.

Patient Fields


Patient given name.


Patient initial.


Patient surname.


Patient full name.


Patient file number.


Patient date of birth.


Patient age.


Patient address line 1.


Patient address line 2.


Patient address line 3.


Formatted address (containing Addr1, Addr2, and Suburb / State / Postcode).


Patient medicare card number.


Patient medicare card ref number.


Patient veterans card number.


Expiry date of Medicare Card No (mm/yyyy).


Patient phone number.


Patient alternate phone number.


Comment line from Patient details.


Adds the mobile phone number for the patient, as recorded in the Patient Details window.

Referral Fields


Referring practitioner name.


Referring practitioner address line 1.


Referring practitioner address line 2.


Referring practitioner provider number.


Referring practitioner provider number or, where this is not known, the formatted address.


Patient referral date.


Patient referral period.